ICS and Krav Maga

Many confuse Israeli Combat System (ICS) and the popular term Krav Maga.  However, the two are not the same.

Krav Maga was developed in the late 1940’s in Israel.   Over the years it has evolved greatly and became to be a generic term that encompasses many Israeli styles of self-defense and martial arts. Some of the more known styles today include: Hisardut, Skornik Israeli Combat, Kapap, and Lotar. Each with its own twist on the original system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld.
Krav Maga was brought to the United States by a few different individuals who started their own organizations. Unfortunately, many of these organizations have failed to maintain an ongoing relationship with its Israeli counter parts which meant there was no updating to the systems taught in the United States.
Israeli Combat System, developed by Tzviel ‘BK’ Blankchtein, was created when the gap between the American version of Krav Maga and the need for updated self-defense skills became too large. BK is still to date active with the Israeli Defense Forces and some of the most prominent instructors for the IDF and other Israeli security forces, including: Gadi Skornik, Itay Gil, and others.
ICS teaches the latest in defensive tactics, the same techniques utilized TODAY by forces in Israel. The system is shorter, more aggressive, and more effective than some Krav Maga curriculums taught in the United States today. In addition, ICS curriculum is ever changing, addressing new threats and changing or eliminating techniques found to be obsolete.
Lastly, probably one of the main advntages of training at Masada Tactical is the fact that our instructors have the real life experience to teach these skills.  Two of our instructors are former IDF and are trained and certified in Israel, many others have travelled to Israel to train with those who are on the front lines every day; and yet others are active law-enforcement officers who can attest first hand to the effectiveness of these techniques.  Most importantly, our certification process is in line and backed up by Israeli governing bodies.
If you are looking to get trained in an authentic Israeli form of self-defense, and you wish to get the most up to date skills, look for Masada Tactical and Israeli Combat System, the true Israeli defensive tactics.
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